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Published: 22nd January 2009
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It has become much more affordable in recent years to convert to solar electricity. In fact, many government subsidies and tax incentives are available to homeowners who wish to convert to solar electricity. If converting to solar power still seems out of reach, you may possibly be able to purchase your utilities from a 'green' supplier. If, however, you have made the decision to convert, the first priority is to determine your electrical needs. The second priority, is to determine what materials are necessary.

The first priority requires you to determine your average daily electric usage. You want to arrive at a number that includes the highs and lows throughout the year. Your solar system should be sufficient to provide the minimum usage in winter and summer months.

Free solar panel plans are available, but sadly do not provide the requisite information on materials and where these components can be found. For the do it yourself crowd, there are several excellent guides that allow anyone to build their own solar panel and accompanying system with readily available and inexpensive components.

Another point to make is the fact that so-called "free solar panel plans" do not help you make the decision as to what kind of system you should use to supply your home solar electricity. The three types of solar panel systems available are as follows. 1. You can tie your solar panels into your power meter. In this system, your solar system is basically backed by electricity from your electric company. 2. You can tie your solar panels into the grid with battery backup. This system provides your electricity, while charging batteries for backup and excess is sent back, through your meter, to the electric company. 3. The stand-alone system. Similar to #2, but you are completely disconnected from the electric company.

Once you learn about building and installing solar systems for your home, you will find that you need more than a simple solar panel diagram or free solar panel plans. You will need a quality guide that has in-depth information on all of the above points, while also providing clear, concise building instructions to lead you effectively to the best system for your individual needs.

And never forget that converting to a home solar electric system is an investment for the future of our planet and your pocketbook!

Sam Redman has been interested in Solar Power and other forms of green energy, for longer than most. Being a man who has always had a curiosity about the science involved, he writes on the subject frequently. Free solar panel plans, while certainly available, are sadly lacking in the fundamentals necessary to put them to good use. Build your own solar panel and instructions to build a solar panel are resources worth looking into.

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